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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Browns Kitchen look for in an instructor?

We are always open to discussing new class topics! Our most common requests include baking, cake decorating, and regional foods, such as, French Cuisine, Indian Cuisine, etc.

While we do not require a degree from a culinary institure, we do strongly reccomend all instructors to attain a ServSafe Certificate. This ensures that all sanitation standards are upheld and protects the safety of our guests. If you have additional questions about specific requirements, you can contact Autumn at

Does Browns Kitchen pay their instructors?

Yes, class instructors are provided compensation for teaching classes depending upon grocery cost, class size, and the number of fully paid registrants of the class.

Does my class have to be hands on?

No, the style of the class is determined on an individual basis depending on what Browns Kitchen and the instructor agree would work best for the subject matter. Generally, our dinner style classes are demonstrations and our decorating classes are hands on. Demonstration classes can seat up to 24 guests and hands on classes can seat upto 16 guests.

Do I have to provide my own kitchen tools?

Browns Kitchen has a full kitchen that is stocked with everything you should need for your class. We encourage instructors to spend time in our kitchen prior to their class to familiarize themselves with the space and determine what tools they will need. If the kitchen does not have all of the nessecary supplies, instructors will need to  inform Browns Kitchen so that we can acquire them. 

Who provides the recipes?

Instructors are responsible for planning the menu and sourcing all of the ingredients needed for the class. They should send recipes to the Browns Kitchen email at least 2 weeks prior to the class. This allows Browns Kitchen to assess recipes for appropriateness for the class, equipment availability, formatting of recipes, and to discuss any questions we may have about ingredients or procedures. Browns Kitchen will provide printed copies of each recipe to all class participants.