Legacy Gold BBQ Sauce Launch  The Ultimate Must-Try for BBQ Lovers! Browns Kitchen

Legacy Gold BBQ Sauce Launch – The Ultimate Must-Try for BBQ Lovers!

Are you a BBQ lover looking for the ultimate sauce to elevate your dishes to the next level? Look no further! Legacy Gold BBQ Sauce is now sold in our store, and we’re inviting you to the tasting event hosted by Andre Cooper. He will share all the secrets that make this sauce so amazing and walk you through each flavor profile. Get ready to experience the perfect balance of flavors with every drop. Join us for a mouth-watering barbecue experience on June 10th from 12pm-2pm! Swing by to savor Andre's delicious BBQ, complete with a range of finger-licking sauces. Don't miss out on these flavor-packed bites!


Legacy Gold BBQ Sauce is more than just a regular BBQ sauce. It’s a legacy passed down through generations of the Cooper family. The recipe originated from their family restaurant founded in Jacksonville, Florida, way back in 1965, and it quickly gained a fan base. Its melt-in-your-mouth flavors became the staple of locals for several decades. Soon, it became evident that Legacy Gold needed to be shared with the rest of the world.


This iconic sauce comes in three different flavors, crafted to satisfy all your BBQ cravings. Experience a classic taste with the Mild BBQ Sauce, which exudes a balanced sweet and tangy flavor. For those with a daring palate, the Medium BBQ Sauce will hit the spot, with its bold blend of habanero, cayenne, and chipotle peppers. For those seeking the utmost excitement, try the Hot BBQ Sauce, offering a sizzling kick that packs a punch without sacrificing flavor.


The beauty of Legacy Gold BBQ Sauce lies in its flavor profile, a perfect blend of sweet and tangy combined with a dash of southern goodness. Each flavor has its signature spice levels, allowing you to create the ideal BBQ combination. Whether it's wings, chicken, beef, or pork, Legacy Gold BBQ Sauce pairs perfectly with your favorite meat, slowly cooked over the grill.


Join Andre at the Legacy Gold BBQ Sauce tasting to uncover the secrets behind three of the most tantalizing sauces known to man. Andre, the successor of the Cooper family restaurant chain, knows all there is to know about BBQ sauces. He will walk you through the history and legacy of each sauce, describing its unique flavor profile, and show you how versatile these sauces are for all your BBQ needs.


Legacy Gold BBQ Sauce is not just a sauce. It's a legacy that has been passed down through generations of the Cooper family. We are thrilled to place this go-to BBQ sauce on our shelves for all of our BBQ enthusiasts. Each flavor is perfectly crafted, offering a blend of sweet and tangy, and a dash of southern goodness that exudes comfort. Come and join us at the tasting event and experience the perfect balance of flavors that Legacy Gold BBQ Sauce offers. Get ready for a journey of flavor you won't want to miss!

Legacy Gold BBQ Sauce
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