Introducing Hestan: The Next Generation Of Cookware

Introducing Hestan: The Next Generation Of Cookware

Welcome to the realm of culinary excellence with Hestan cookware, where every meal becomes a masterpiece. Let's delve into the legacy and innovation that define Hestan's next-generation approach to cooking essentials.


The Hestan Story

Founded with a mission to redefine cooking experiences, Hestan blends tradition with cutting-edge technology. From its inception, Hestan has been synonymous with quality and innovation, setting new standards in the culinary world.


The Evolution of Cookware

Hestan represents the pinnacle of this evolution, incorporating modern advancements while staying true to time-tested cooking principles. Hestan NanoBond is the first innovation to stainless steel cookware in 110 years. Its revolutionary cooking surface is 400% stronger than other stainless steel cookware. Hestan's design philosophy is a fusion of elegance and functionality. Each piece is meticulously crafted to enhance both aesthetics and performance, making cooking a delightful experience.


Materials Matter

Hestan cookware boasts a Nanobond titanium build, a revolutionary material that offers unparalleled cooking performance and durability. Its exceptional heat conductivity ensures precise cooking results every time. With 14 global patents and the highest standards in the industry for fit and finish, NanoBond is the first cookware to feature thousands of titanium-based nano layers bonded directly to stainless steel. The resulting super-dense cooking surface ensures the brilliant titanium luster lasts for generations.


Cutting-Edge Technology

Hestan cookware's cutting-edge technology sets it apart as a game-changer in the culinary world. Let's delve deeper into the innovative features that make Hestan cookware a must-have in every kitchen.

Unparalleled Cooking Surface

The revolutionary cooking surface of Hestan cookware is 4X stronger than stainless steel, ensuring unparalleled durability. It is scratch and stain-resistant, maintaining its beauty for a lifetime – guaranteed. Say goodbye to worries about scratches or stains, as Hestan cookware retains its pristine appearance even after years of use.

Nontoxic and Chemical-Free

Hestan cookware is 100% nontoxic and chemical-free, making it safe for cooking your favorite meals. Its nonreactive nature ensures healthier cooking, preserving the flavors and nutrients of your ingredients without any unwanted chemical interactions.

Unrivaled Cooking Performance

Experience unrivaled cooking performance with Hestan cookware, thanks to its 35% greater heat conductivity compared to traditional cookware. This means faster and more even cooking, allowing you to achieve perfect results every time. Additionally, Hestan cookware can safely handle temperatures up to 1050º F, making it versatile for stove top, oven, and even grill use.

Induction Compatible

Hestan cookware is induction compatible, catering to modern cooking needs. Whether you're using gas, electric, or induction cooktops, Hestan cookware performs flawlessly, providing consistent heat distribution for precise cooking control.

Product Line Overview

The Hestan Nanobond cookware collection stands out for its exceptional quality and performance. With features like superior titanium strength and scratch resistance, Hestan cookware redefines cooking standards. Nanobond technology in Hestan cookware offers advantages like rapid heating, even heat distribution, and easy cleaning. Its durability ensures long-lasting performance, making it a preferred choice for home chefs and professionals alike.


Nanobond In Real Life

"I had the opportunity to test the Hestan NanoBond Titanium Open Skillet, which surpassed my expectations. It is truly stick-resistant stainless steel. This new NanoBond line from Hestan is a game changer. This innovative cookware combines stainless steel with titanium, giving it a stick-resistant surface. It is perfect for people who want a forever set of cookware but still miss their non-sticks; the stick-resistant alloy gives them the best of both worlds." - Kitchen Expert, Travis Hill

Hestan in Professional Kitchens

Hestan has earned a reputation for excellence in professional kitchens worldwide. Renowned chefs choose Hestan for its reliability, precision, and ability to withstand rigorous culinary demands. You'll find NanoBond's molecular titanium gleam in acclaimed kitchens across America. Its incredible durability coupled with incomparable heat conduction deliver reliable performance dish after dish - and it cleans good as new for the next shift. Its lighter weight and chef friendly design cues like the French-inspired handle and flared rims make NanoBond an instant favorite on the line.


Tips for Using Hestan Cookware


NanoBond has greater stick resistance compared to traditional stainless steel cookware, but it is not nonstick. Stick resistant properties can be achieved by following two key concepts to help guarantee success: correct temperature control and the right fat to create a “barrier” to prevent foods from sticking. This cookware is oven, broiler, and grill safe to 1050°F/566°C.

We recommend preheating the pan on medium to medium-high heat then add in the fat of your choice, then add your food and allow it to caramelize and release on its own. For delicate foods such as eggs and fish, we suggest using an emulsified fat like butter or nonstick cooking spray for best results, again allowing the pan to preheat and the foods to caramelize and release on its own. There is no residue buildup from using nonstick cooking sprays that you might see on traditional nonstick pans because NanoBond’s non-porous surface is stain resistant and easy to clean.

Metal whisks, spoons and spatulas are safe. However, sharp-edged tools such as forks and knives should not be used, and knives should never be used to cut inside the pan. Scratches due to sharp-edged tools are not covered under warranty. NanoBond’s surface is highly scratch resistant when compared to traditional stainless steel but is not scratch proof. Minor scratches do not affect the performance of NanoBond cookware.


Before first use and after each use, wash pans thoroughly with mild dishwashing detergent and warm water. For day to day cleaning, you may simply use warm soapy water and a soft scrubbing sponge to clean your pan. For more stubborn food residue, you could also use steel wool as this won’t scratch the NanoBond surface. Thoroughly dry the pans after washing to prevent water spots and stains from hard water.

The NanoBond technology protects the stainless steel by creating a dense, impenetrable layer. When the technology is working, you may experience a slight discoloration or bluing of the pan. This is a food film that can be easily removed by using a soft cleanser or the Hestan Professional Stainless Steel cleaner used with a soft scrubbing sponge or steel wool. A sliced lemon wedge may also be used to remove the bluing or discoloration. To restore NanoBond’s titanium brilliance, use a soft cleanser or the Hestan Professional Stainless Steel cleaner with a soft scrubbing sponge. Never use oven cleaners to clean cookware. They will ruin the cookware.

This cookware is dishwasher-safe. However, over time, harsh dishwasher detergents may dull the NanoBond finish. To restore NanoBond’s titanium brilliance, use a soft cleanser or the Hestan Professional Stainless Steel Cleaner with a soft scrubbing sponge.

Ready To Buy?

Explore Browns Kitchen for a firsthand experience of Hestan cookware, available both in-store and online. Discover the full range of Hestan products and find the perfect addition to your kitchen. Currently, Browns Kitchen carries an array of sizes, including their 8.5 in Skillet, 11 in Skillet, 5 Qt Essentials Saute Pan, and the 10-Piece Cookware Set. In addition to those pieces, Browns Kitchen also carries the Ovenbond line of cookie sheets which come in Quarter Sheet and Half Sheet sizes. To view the full collection, visit


Hestan represents the epitome of culinary excellence, combining superior craftsmanship, innovative technology, and customer-centric values. Explore Hestan cookware and embark on a journey of culinary mastery. Visit Browns Kitchen today to discover the full range of Hestan cookware and elevate your cooking experience. Engage with us, share your feedback, and join the community of passionate cooks embracing Hestan's next-generation cookware.

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