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Gift Guide: Le Creuset

Looking for gifts your loved ones will cherish forever? Look no further than our Le Creuset Holiday Gift Guide. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite gifts for everyone on your list – the finest quality gifts that will be passed on for generations to come. No matter what you choose to gift, you can be assured that you’re giving great this holiday season.



The Dutch Oven

Le Creuset Dutch Ovens

Le Creuset's iconic dutch ovens are available in a wide array of sizes and colors, making it easy to find the right option for anyone on your list. Their 5.5 Qt and 7.25 Qt dutch ovens are by far their best sellers, but these sizes could be too big for some of the people on your list. Thankfully, Le Creuset has a handy size chart to help you figure out what size you should buy! 

Le Creuset Dutch Oven Size Guide

My husband and I only break out the 5.5+ quart dutch ovens around the holidays when we're serving large groups of people. Most of the time we gravitate towards our Shallow Dutch Oven which is a comfortable 2.75 Qt and on sale right now for just $179.99! Another great option (that's also on sale) is the 3.5 Qt Dutch Oven. This size is being discontinued and is normally $360, but on sale for $299, making it a fantastic deal!

If you're buying for someone who has a larger family, they'll thank you for considering that when choosing the size of their dutch oven! We've already covered the fact that the 5.5 Qt and 7.25 Qt are best sellers, but let's talk about why– a dutch oven that is at least 5.5 Qt or larger gives you the space to create quick, easy one pot meals. Between picking kids up from school and driving them to dance recitals, they'll be able to throw some veggies and a whole chicken into their new dutch oven and quickly create a delicious (and nutritious) dinner for the whole family!


 The Chef's Oven

Le Creuset Chef's Oven 7.5Qt


If you're shopping for someone who live, laugh, loves their soups and stews, the 7.5 Qt Chef's Oven is the gift for them. The generous size and depth of the Chef’s Oven make this the ideal vessel for soups, pastas, braising and even baking. Sloped sides increase the efficiency and effectiveness of stirring by promoting continuous movement even with the lid in place, and the depth provides ample room for simmering. The best part? It normally costs $462, but is currently on sale for $299, making it one of the best deals Le Creuset is offering right now!


The Cassadou

Le Creuset Cassadou

Shopping for someone with limited kitchen space? This multipurpose pan will be the only one they reach for. Its flat surface is perfect for searing meats, scrambling eggs, or roasting veggies. The tall sides a great for creating sauces, boiling pastas, and making soup! You'll be hard pressed to find a pan that can accomplish so many tasks in such a small space! The cassadou normally retails for $350, but is currently on sale for $220!


The Tea Kettle

Le Creuset Noel Tea Kettle 

The coffee and tea aficionado in your life will be excited to open one of Le Creuset's stunning tea kettles. Available in two sizes, the Demi and the Classic tea kettles make a stunning statement piece in any kitchen. My favorite colors right now are the Noel Kettle (pictured above) which is only available during the month of December, and the Rhone kettle which is a perfect garnet and gold color scheme! 


 The Mini Cocotte

Le Creuset Mini Cocotte

Finish off your holiday shopping with stocking stuffers that will delight everyone this year. A hands-down favorite, Le Creuset's Mini Cocottes are perfect for elegant individual servings of gratins and desserts, but also great for prep, storage and kitchen décor. They're on sale for $22.99 right now, but we're also running a special where if you buy 6, you will receive a FREE copy of Le Creuset's Mini Cocotte Cookbook!

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