Ask the Expert: Why The Wine Glass Matters Browns Kitchen

Ask the Expert: Why The Wine Glass Matters

Written by: Velva Knapp, Wine Specialist

A good wine glass helps you to fully experience the wine you are drinking. This includes noticing the flavors and aromas of the wine, and how the flavors feel on your palate. If you enjoy wine and want this experience then your wine glass absolutely matters, and you will want to put thought into your wine glass choices. Here are a few tips on buying the right wine glass.

Think about the type of wine you drink the most and purchase your wine glasses based on what you enjoy. If you enjoy big full-bodied reds, then a Bordeaux wine glass is ideal for you. These larger bowled glasses allow the red wine to aerate, helping them to open-up and display the aromas and flavors of the wine.

If Pinot Noir and Burgundy wines call your name then glasses with an extra-large bowl allow for plenty of oxygen, and concentration of the delicate aromas. This will showcase the bright, rich fruits of these styles of wines.

If you enjoy crisp whites or rosé these wines are best served in a glass with a narrower bowl (slight tulip shape) to preserve the fruit and floral aromas and keep the wine at a cooler temperature.

If you enjoy sparkling wines, these wines are ideal for flutes which are slender and tall. This elongated shape helps to preserve the fine bubbles in your glass. However, flute glasses are not your only option with sparkling wines. Tulip shaped glasses are also ideal to enjoy the bubbles and aromatics of your wine.

If you don’t want to choose which glass goes with which wine, then a universal glass is the choice for you. These wine glasses fall somewhere in the middle. They have mid-size bowls that allow the wine to aerate and tapered rims to focus on the delicate aromas. It’s the most versatile option to enjoy your favorite wines, including sparkling.

At the end of the day, however, you choose to enjoy your wine is always the right way.

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